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Voice Algorithms and Custom Turnkey Software Applications

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Acoustic Echo Cancellation "Toll-Quality": AEC Narrowband, AEC Wideband, AEC for Android
AT&T certified "Toll Quality" Echo cancellation algorithms: Packet, Network, Line, Acoustic (Narrowband, Wideband, Android).
HD Voice (High Definition Voice and Voice Quality Codecs ) superior audio quality and clarity.

  MELPe now available on ARM Cortex-A8 /A9/ A15
MELP and MELPe Military Codec: low bit rate vocoder supporting 2400, 1200 and 600 bps.
Adaptive Digital's Auto Speech Recognition Preprocessor applies techniques to reduces noise, cancel echoic interference, missing data, and emphasize the desired signal.
Adaptive Digital's voice algorithms and VoIP applications are available on many platforms.
VoIP Software Solutions: High-density, voice-over-packet and traditional telecommunications implementation-ready application solutions.