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Voice Algorithms and Custom Turnkey Software Applications

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Acoustic Echo Cancellation "Toll-Quality": AEC Narrowband, AEC Wideband, AEC for Android
AT&T certified "Toll Quality" Echo cancellation algorithms: Packet, Network, Line, Acoustic (Narrowband, Wideband, Android).
HD Voice (High Definition Voice and Voice Quality Codecs ) superior audio quality and clarity.

  MELPe now available on ARM Cortex-A8 /A9/ A15
MELP and MELPe Military Codec: low bit rate vocoder supporting 2400, 1200 and 600 bps.
AnVoice Voice Engine for Android is customizable solution to develop your own VoIP applications for Android-based devices.
Adaptive Digital's voice algorithms and VoIP applications are available on many platforms.
VoIP Software Solutions: High-density, voice-over-packet and traditional telecommunications implementation-ready application solutions.