Adaptive Digital develops voice solution software for VoIP, telephony applications, handheld devices and high end conferencing.

Voice Applications: High-density, voice-over-packet and traditional telecommunications implementation-ready application solutions.
High Definition Acoustic Echo Cancellation | HD AEC: operates in Narrowband (NB), Wideband (WB), Super-Wideband (SWB) and Full-Band (FB) modes.

  MELPe now available on ARM Cortex-A8 /A9/ A15
MELP and MELPe Military Codec: low bit rate vocoder supporting 2400, 1200 and 600 bps.
Yealink Conference Phone utilizes Adaptive Digital's Multi-Mic HD AEC .
Adaptive Digital's Auto Speech Recognition Preprocessor applies techniques to reduces noise, cancel echoic interference, missing data, and emphasize the desired signal.
AT&T certified "Toll Quality" G.168 Echo cancellation algorithm: Packet, Network,and Line.