ADT9600 / ADT9600 Low Complexity

Adaptive Digital's proprietary 9600 bps speech compression algorithm

Adaptive Digital’s ADT9600 speech compression software provides good speech quality at a low bit rate.

Features List

  • Functions are C-callable.
  • Multi -Channel Implementation.
  • Capable of in-band synchronization.
  • Can be integrated with echo cancellers, and tone detection/regeneration.

Coding Rate: 9.6 kbps

Sampling Rate: 8 kHz

Delay: 15 msec


Texas Instruments – TI TMS320C7000 C7x
Texas Instruments – TI TMS320C6000 C64x, C64x+, C674x | C66x
Texas Instruments – TI TMS320C5000 C55x

ADT-9600 is available on the above Platforms: Other configurations are available upon request.



The Adaptive Digital Technologies ADT-9600 voice coder software is a real-time implementation of Adaptive Digital’s proprietary 9600 bps speech compression algorithm. This algorithm provides good speech quality at a low bit rate. This software runs on the Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C54X family of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

Function API's

API function call summary

decInitialize9600Channel(. . .) Initializes the ADT9600 decoder software

codInitialize9600Channel(. . .) Initializes the ADT9600 encoder software

Encode_ADT_9600(. . .) Executes the ADT9600 encoder

Decode_ADT_9600(. . .) Executes the ADT9600 decoder

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