Tone Generation

Call Progress Tone Geenerator (CPTG)

Call Progress Tone Generator Software generates arbitrary  multi-frequency tones with up to 4 simultaneous frequencies.


CPRGs' primary use is the generation of telephony signals tones such as reorder, busy, dial tone, ring-back, permanent off-hook, DTMF, MF, etc.

Features List

  • eXpress DSP ™ Compliant

  • ITU Q.35 compliant

  • Functions are C-callable

  • Handles multiple signaling tones

  • Frequencies and amplitude are host specified

  • Low overhead interface

  • Low per-channel memory requirements


Texas Instruments – TI TMS320C7000 C7x | TI TMS320C6000 C64x/C64x+/C66x/C674x | TI TMS320C5000 C55x / Legacy C54x

ADT CPTG is measured on the above Platforms: See specification tables below.

Tone Generation is included in many of our Voice Solutions/Platforms  including: VoIP Engine (AnVoice, LnxVoice, iVoIPVoice), & ARM devices. 



Adaptive Digital’s Call Progress Tone Generator (CPTG) software generates telephony call progress tones such as reorder, dial-tone, etc. The call progress tone generator has applications in switching, PBX, and Voice-Over-Data equipment.


API function call summary

CPG_ADT_init(. . .) Initializes Call Progress Tone Generator

CPG_ADT_generate(. . .) Executes Call Progress Tone Generator

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