IP Intercom / Call Box / Doorbell​

IP/SIP based Notification System Voice Engine Software Applications

Adaptive Digital provides bidirectional true full-duplex VoIP application software for Doorbell,  Call-box, and Intercom Applications

Healthcare Communication
Hand Held Communication
Home Control
IoT Wearables


Bidirectional VoIP Software

Speech Recognition Preprocessor

Features List

  • SIP based or Point-point connections
  • High Definition Acoustic Echo Cancellation (HD AEC)
  • Excellent Voice Quality
  • Hands free support
  • Push-to-talk option

Adaptive Digital’s voice over IP intercom software leverages voice quality algorithms.

The IP notification voice communication  includes HD Acoustic Echo cancellation (HD AEC), which incorporates a noise reduction feature, as well as anti-howling, nonlinear processing, and double-talk detection.

  • Supports SIP authentication, INVITE, RING, ACK, OK, BYE and termination messages 
  • Supports configurable unique SIP username and password (credentials) in non-volatile memory

Complete VoIP Capability  from PCM to Packet and back. This may include a process running on an ARM processor under Linux as well as any necessary voice processing running on a DSP. 

Should modifications be necessary for your project, customization is available.

Adaptive Digital’s IP Intercom/Call box notification software solutions address the need for high quality clear voice communication under a wide variety of circumstance over an IP Network. 
The solutions provide developers’ with opportunities to support a wide range of communication needs by providing robust voice capabilities with the flexibility to add optional voice features.
  • Adaptive Digital’s Notification System applications support VoIP protocols RTP/SRTP as well as SIP.
  • Typical applications include: Emergency contact systems, Entry communications, mass notification, and Hospital patient/Surgical Operating Theater to Nurse Station/Control room communication, Doorbell Intercom.


  • Digital Gain Control
  • Acoustic Echo cancellation
  • RTP + Jitter Buffer
  • Noise Reduction
  • Tone Gen / Tone Relay
  • AGC
  • G.729AB
  • G.711
  • G.722
  • Packet Loss Concealment
  • Auto Level Controls


  • G.723.1A
  • G.726
  • G.728
  • Tone Detection

IP Intercom algorithms

Platforms & Processors

IP Intercom application software is available on the following platforms: Other configurations are available upon request.

*digital mic PDM to PCM conversion

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