HD AEC-BF | HD AEC with Beamforming

Acoustic Beamformer + High Definition Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation Software

Clean and Clear Voice Quality for  hands free Far Field Applications

Acoustic Beamformer

Far Field Microphone Array For Speech Enhancement And Speaker Localization

 Acoustic beamforming uses microphone arrays to extract desired speech signals in an interference-dominant, noisy environment. The beamformer algorithm enhances the desired speech signal.

This enhanced signal is then used as a reference signal by the blocking system to estimate the interference spectrum. 

Voice Quality Enhancement through Speech Processing

HD AEC And Acoustic Beamforming

Currently available x86/x64

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Array signal processing

Array signal processing is derived from the simple concept of sharing the load among
various sources. The information provided by the multiple mics is more reliable than the
information provided by the single microphone. These arrays of microphones receive samples of signal from different spatial position providing information depending on the direction of source located.

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