Voice Quality Enhancement Suite

VQE software is available as individual algorithms or as turnkey solutions depending on your requirements

 Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) algorithms which dramatically improve the quality and clarity of speech communications.

Adaptive Digital Voice Solutions

Facilitating high quality voice communication; crystal clear voice.

Adaptive Digital offers Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) algorithms which dramatically improve the quality and clarity of speech communications. The VQE software is available as individual algorithms, or as turnkey solutions.

Design Services

Improving the clarity of speech signals

Voice Quality Product List: Individual or VQE Solutions

High Definition Acoustic Echo Canceller (HD AEC)- Dual Mic, Single Mic

Noise Reduction (NR) featuring noise, siren, howling and feedback cancellation, Noise Suppression (NS)

Packet/Line Echo Canceller (LEC)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)

Acoustic Beamformer

Adaptive Jitter Buffer (AJB)

Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)

Customer Sampling:

Voice Quality Enhancement is as much a science as it is an art; it is not a one design fits all solution. The key to integrating a VQE solution is to put the various algorithms together in such a way that maximizes speech quality enhancement. Doorbell/intercom, hand-held, desktop, wearable communicators all present different challenges and are subject to various noise conditions. Environmental acoustic conditions such as wind, background noise, or reflective surfaces combine with microphone and speaker configurations. Network congestion can cause latency, and packet-loss, further degrading the quality of speech transmission. Echo can completely degrade communication.


Adaptive Digital meets the VQE challenge by delivering fielded, scalable, state-of-the-art voice enhancement algorithms/solutions, flexible configuration options, and real-world experience enabling exceptional voice call performance across each users’ environment.


HD AEC: High Definition Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Adaptive Digital’s HD AEC product provides superior voice clarity and true full duplex performance under a wide set of difficult acoustic environments. It has been proven to be capable of eliminating the instances of acoustic echo in challenging conditions such as unbalanced speech levels, close speaker to mic proximity, background noise, indoor/outdoor environments, reflective room surface, double talk, and echo path changes.


The NR algorithm reduces background noise in speech signals under such 
circumstances where the background sound intensity levels are high. The algorithm can be customized to trade-off between complexity, memory requirements, and required noise reduction.


For more information on the Adaptive Digital Voice Quality Suite or other custom solutions, contact us at 610-825-0182.

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