High Definition Acoustic Echo Cancellation | HD AEC™: operates in Narrowband (NB), Wideband (WB), Super-Wideband (SWB) and Full-Band (FB) modes.
Adaptive's Full Band, Full Duplex Music (FBFDM™) HD AEC brings full duplex voice communication in the presence of background music and other high frequency non-stationary audio signals while preserving the Full spectrum audio quality even in the presence of constant DoubleTalk.
Adaptive's provided VQE Enhancements for Starleaf's Video Conferencing Line of Products
Voice Applications: High-density, voice-over-packet and traditional telecommunications implementation-ready application solutions.
MELPe Military Codec: low bit rate vocoder supporting 2400, 1200 and 600 bps.
Yealink Conference Phone utilizes Adaptive Digital's Multi-Mic HD AEC.
Adaptive Digital's Auto Speech Recognition Preprocessor applies techniques to reduces noise, cancel echoic interference, missing data, and emphasize the desired signal.

MELPe Xilinx - MicroBlaze

Newly Optimized MIPS and Memory MELPe

g.729AB Cortex-A53

Low bit rate Military standard MIL-STD-300
and NATO STANAG 4591

soft core 32-bit RISC processor More

"We have made substantial improvements to our HD AEC™ in order to boost CPU efficiency, convergence/ re-convergence time, dynamic range and doubletalk robustness. Our HD AEC has also been tuned to work at Super wideband (SWB) and Full band (FB) rates.



HD AEC removes perceptible echo

HD Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Listen to our HD AEC demo!

with echo Microphone Input (TxIn)
- Female voice: Reflected echo
- Male voice: Near End talker

without echo

Microphone Output (TxOut)
- Echo (female voice) cancelled!


Voice Engine Reference Kit software
Voice Engine: ARM, Linux, Android and iOS

VoIP Voice Engine / SIP SDKs

Harness the Power of Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine: Powerful and highly customizable software environments to quickly add VoIP, and SIP features into an application.

LnxVoice, AnVoice, iVoIPEngine


Voice - Speech algorithms
ARM DEVICES Voice enabling Software Components

ARM based Voice Algorithms

ARMv7-A, and ARMv8-A Architectures (AArch64), Cortex™-A, Cortex-M series of applications processors, Cortex-R4 - ARM Classic processors ARM11™, ARM9e™


MEMBER: TI Developers Program, ARM Connected Community, STMicro Third Party Network , and HP Alliance.
Adaptive Digital provides superior algorithms and software solutions on many platforms and processors, including but not limited to: Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000™ including C64x,C64x+, C66x, C674x, TI TMS320C5000 DSPs, TIVA C Series (Stellaris-M4), OMAP, & Davinci processors. ARMv7 Cortex™-A series of applications processors (Cortex-A8, A9, A15, A17, A32, A35, A72, A73), Cortex-R4, Cortex-M3, M4, M7 family of devices. ARM, A53, A57 Classic processors ARM11™, ARM9™, and ARM9e. STMicro - STM32 series of MCUs, SPEAr1310 device. Imagination Technologies' MIPS® Processor - MIPS32® - 24 KEc®, Analog Devices SHARC, and Freescale iMX processors.

About Us: Adaptive Digital Technologies is an industry-leading global provider of highly optimized, field-proven, scalable, standards-based telecom software for developers. We specialize in echo cancellation (Acoustic, Line, Network, and Packet), high-density conferencing, speech compression, telephony, voice quality enhancement, and audio algorithms for DSPs, ARM and general purpose processors. Adaptive Digital continues to meet and exceed the current and future requirements of service providers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and developers by bringing superior voice quality to speech-based applications.