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Smart City | IP Intercom

Doorbell / intercom, Intelligent Emergency Response Systems, Healthcare Voice software solutions.

RoIP: Radio over IP

RoIP Software Engine Applications: Interoperability Gateways, Radio Dispatch Systems (military, first responders, etc.)

Conference Server SW

Conferencing software designed to provide conference call server capability to telephone systems.

The HD AEC software is a true Full-Duplex High Definition Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm. HD AEC has been deployed in many Tier 1 consumer products. HD AEC eliminates audible echo in a wide range of VoIP applications such as  IP intercom , Smart City,  and Emergency Response. 

Highly optimized defense codec MELPe voice compression codec supports the following platforms: TI’s TMS320C6000, ‘C5000 | Arm Arch (v5, v6, v7-A/R, Armv7E-M, Armv8-A, Armv8-M | Armv7-A ) Linux 32-bit/64-bit | Windows x86 / x64, and Xilinx MicroBlaze™ Soft Processor Core.

Opus codec is a lossy audio coding format developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that is particularly suitable for interactive real-time speech applications over the Internet. Opus is based on the low-latency CELT format and the speech-oriented SILK format.

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