internet Speech Audio Codec

iSAC: A bandwidth adaptive audio codec for VoIP and streaming audio. 


Features List

  • Bitrates from 10 to 32 kbps in wideband 
  • Bitrates from 10 to 56 kbps in super-wideband
  • Supports supports 8khz, 16 kHz and 32 kHz input/output sampling rates
  • Frame size of 30 or 60 ms

The iSAC codec compresses speech frames of 16 kHz, 16-bit sampled input speech, each frame containing 30 or 60 ms of speech.


Arm Devices Armv8A Cortex-A53 | Armv9-A

ADT iSAC is currently available on the above Platform: Other configurations are available upon request.


NOTE: We specify MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second) as MCPS (Millions of Instruction Cycles Per Second). Unless otherwise specified, peak MIPS are indicated.

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iSAC Armv9-A Neoverse N2

CPU Utilization
The ARM Neoverse is a group of 64-bit ARM processor cores.
ProductWideband WBNarrowband NB
iSAC v9 MIPS (30ms)11.511.5
iSAC v9 MIPS (60ms)11.510.1

Sampling rates: Wideband 16k | Narrowband 8k

Frame Len: 960 (60ms/frame)

Bit rate: 32000

iSAC ARM Cortex-A53

CPU Utilization


internet Speech Audio Codec (iSAC) is a wideband speech codec, developed by Global IP Solutions. It is suitable for VoIP applications and streaming audio. The encoded blocks have to be encapsulated in a suitable protocol for transport, e.g. RTP.  iSAC codec delivers high-quality speech in both low-bit rate and high-bit rate voice applications. 

Function APIs

API function call summary

iSACFIX_encoderinit(): initialize an iSAC encode channel 
iSACFIX_decoderinit(): initialize an iSAC decode channel
iSACFIX_encode(): perform iSAC encode
iSACFIXdecode(): perform iSAC decode
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