Adaptive Digital Technologies is now part of the Digi-Key Design Services Network. Adaptive Digital’s Voice Communication Software expertise, showcased by their Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) algorithms and solutions, and HD Acoustic Echo Cancellation (HD AEC) technology, is now available to Digi-Key customers who wish to enable voice features and enhances speech quality in both embedded and cloud-based applications.

Opus: Crystal clear audio with very little delay.
Optimized for the ARM Cortex-v7A family of devices. The Opus codec determines the optimal bandwidth and fidelity settings based on the network path and continually adjust in real time. The Opus codec can handle a wide range of audio applications. It can scale from low bitrate narrowband speech to very high quality stereo music.

Opus has the ability to adapt to available bandwidth for highest possible quality audio with low delay.

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ASR Preprocessor Suite: Auto Speech Recognition Enhancement Application Software
Adaptive Digital’s ASR Preprocessor encompasses an integrated set of front-end signal processing Voice Quality features to extract the relevant speech signal, and applies techniques to reduce noise, cancel echoic interference, missing data, and emphasize the desired signal.
Features: High Definition Acoustic Echo Canceller (HD AEC), Voice Activity Detection, Robust Background Noise removal, Automatic Gain Control, Auto Level Controls, Packet Loss Concealment (for ASR in VoIP Environment).

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